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Vila Rosa has taken additional care to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Welcome to Reception!

We offer 2 and 3 stars hotel rooms and 3 star restaurant services. The hotel rooms are divided in two buildings at the same site, the Breakfant is served inside the main, 2 stars hotel, building. The villa is open all year round.

The buildings do not have elevators. The 2* building has the rooms available on 4 floors. Room numbers run from 10 to 43, with the tens figure representing the floor number. The 3* building has its rooms available on 4 floors. Room numbers run from 101 to 404, with the hundreds figure representing the floor number.

We offer free parking with video surveillance inside our property.

Reception is open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM. Please contact us for informations and reservations.

After the reservation process is complete, the Reception sends a confirmation message via mobile SMS, e-mail or fax. Only the reservations that have been confirmed are considered valid. The confirmation message contains the name of the person making the reservation, accommodation period, room quantity and type, number of people expected, prices given and the receptionist name. On the arrival day, the Reception may contact the reservation person for arrival confirmation.

The hotel day starts at 15:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00, the next day. Check-in is available only between 15:00-20:00. For different arrangements please contact Reception ahead of time, for there might be overlapping with other clients and fees may apply.

Breakfast is served from Monday to Friday between 07:00-10:30.

Depending on the number of people or rooms, duration of stay or frequency, discounts may apply. There is no discount for breakfast. Discounts do not add up, only one is valid. For price offer please contact Reception.

Customers are requested to pay the rooms at check-in, with local currency ( RON ) or card (VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD). Companies may choose to sign a contract with us, which offers them more flexibility for payment.

The Villa does not have accommodation arrangements for pets. For this reason we do not allow pets inside.

Smoking is forbidden inside buildings and is punishable by law (Law 15/2016).

Rooms 2*

We offer non-smoking double bed rooms (DBB), double rooms with 2 single beds (DBL) and triple rooms with 3 single beds (TRI). For one person, we offer double bed rooms or double rooms for a reduced price (SGL). The 2* rooms are generous in size, with minimal furniture, own bath, LCD/LED TV, minibar, hairdryer and free wireless internet. There are no extra beds.

Reception Normal Prices - w/o Breakfast

Double Room 120 RON
Triple Room 160 RON

Rooms 2*+

The rooms are opened from august 2017 and represent the most modern services we can offer, at this time. They are similar to 3* rooms, but are located at the 4th floor of the 2* building. The aparments, are composed of two rooms separated by door: the first room holds 1 single bed and the second 1 double bed. The bathroom is between the two, connected to the single room. Only the second room has TV. One enters the apartment traversing an exterior terace.

Reception Normal Prices - w/o Breakfast

Single Room 125 RON
Double Room 140 RON
Triple Room 180 RON
Apartment Triple 180 RON

Rooms 3*

We offer non-smoking single bed rooms (SGL), double bed rooms (DBB) and double rooms with 2 single beds (DBL). In addition to 2* rooms, they are equipped with air conditioning and phone.

Reception Normal Prices - w/o Breakfast

Single Room 125 RON
Double Room 140 RON

Price Info

All prices are displayed in local currency ( Romanian Leu / RON ), do not include Breakfast, but include all taxes (hotel tax, VAT 5%) and are active starting the 20th of January 2020. These prices may change, but we will provide our services to clients at the confirmed price.

The prices are calculated given for room type /hotel day. Single, Double and Triple refer to the places available for that room type, one, two or three people. We will acommodate no more people per room than the available places.

Breakfast price is 25 RON /person (including VAT 5%).

Management Message

For additional information or difficulties during stay, please contact Reception as soon as possible.

During stay the room is cleaned, by request, on a daily basis. The room is thoroughly cleaned at least every three days. For different requests, please contact Reception.

Lost object are deposited at Reception, and the customer is notified immediately.

For eventual complaints, please contact Reception, during stay, in order to sort them out.

Please help us by offering feedback at your convenience: Reception, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Booking, Mail, or other sites. We are grateful for all feedback, even if they do not always compliment us.

PRO-Nature Message


Think of the tons of towels being washed unnecessarily every day in hotels throughout the world and the huge quantities of detergent used which pollute our water.

Please decide for yourself:

Towels on the floor mean: "Please replace them"

Towels on the towel-rail mean: "I will use them again"

For a healthy environment.